Connecting with Community to Support Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Learners #tesoloz chat 28/3/18

This year sadly ‘Storify’ is no longer. It was such a useful and easy way to store and share Twitter chats. I searched other alternatives. Wakelet was suggested but I was not happy with the way it showed who was tweeting but not what they said. WordPress was another way suggested as a means of keeping and sharing the treasures from a chat so, as I already have a WordPress blog, I have tried it. Its taken a comparatively long time to embed each tweet and try to put them into some sort of order but I think that it has been worth it. I have learnt so much from @ChrishabChris and @jeanicecorso our guests on #tesoloz this week. Apologies if I have missed any tweets … its been tricky, but I think I have been able to gather most of the gems.









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