Time to Reflect and Share – The Vocabulary Project

What would we do without our hands to help explain?
What would we do without our hands to help explain?


Staff Development Day is coming up and ‘The Vocabulary Project’ is going to be shared with our community of schools.

What am I learning from this project as we go along?
– The students are enjoying learning and using new words.
– They feel secure enough to ‘have a go’ and practise using their newly acquired vocabulary.
– They are becoming more confident about writing, having a second look, scribbling out and trying another word as they ‘craft’ their sentences.
– They do not feel as restricted to only use those words that they know how to spell.

How do I feel?
– If I have helped them to start to enjoy learning and playing with new words we are on the road to increasing their vocabulary. All is well in the world of words.

3 thoughts on “Time to Reflect and Share – The Vocabulary Project

  1. Hi Anne,

    Even thought I’ve read about this vocabulary project before fm you, I’ve read about it again in a new light. I’m trying to restructure my literacy block to have an independent vocabulary focus with some of the higher achieving students and this has given me a great idea! Thanks for sharing it as well as your reflections!


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    1. Thanks Fiona, it’s really exciting to see the students take on board the ‘crafting’ their writing idea and the thought that their vocabulary choices help to refine or embellish sentences. They are happy to go back and rewrite whole paragraphs! They love it that their work is being published on weebly for anyone to see.


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