Are teachers stretched to the limit?

Alice Leung, a teacher whom I admire has expanded on this theme of the increasing teacher workload. Like Alice, I love teaching and am passionate about my chosen career. But I am worried. Worried about the increasing expectations on teachers as they fulfil the roles that Alice mentions and many more. Alice’s post fleshes out what I began to say.

Alice Leung

Note: I love my school and all staff and students who work at my school. This post isn’t about mhow my school works. It’s about teaching in general.

I read a post tititled, How far can you stretch a piece of elastic before it snaps, this week and it really resonated with me. The post highlighted how the increasing workload demands on teachers are affecting their wellbeing. When I first started my current position, an older, more experienced teacher told me to watch myself because schools are blood suckers. They will keep drawing your blood unless you set the limits. It doesn’t matter how much blood you give, they will find a way to draw more until you are sucked dry.

This is a rather gruesome analogy that I don’t believe in 100%. I do believe that my school and the people who work in it all respect each…

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