On being busy …

A few weeks ago I read this …

Since then, I have been consciously stopping myself from thinking let alone saying how busy I am because for one thing, it doesn’t help anyone and for another what are people meant to say in response?

After all, aren’t I responsible for the way I spend my time? And how busy can I be anyway, if I have time to check my phone, follow twitter, write my blog and to do all the things that I enjoy being ‘busy’ with? Sometimes ‘busy’ for me, can be an excuse to get out of doing certain chores or making time for people who are not easy to be with.

Tonight at #leadmeetsyd Dan Haesler spoke about looking after ourselves and recharging our batteries. His presentation is here –

Click to access leadmeet-2014.pdf

I took from this the need to turn off from school and social media and have a deliberate mental and physical break in order to work more effectively and not become overtired and worn out.I have control over how ‘busy’ I am.

So what are to be my aims for myself this term? To set realistic goals for myself and to make sure that I set aside time to exercise, reflect and spend time with those I love.

Memorial to John Lennon. Make the most of every day while it is today.
Memorial to John Lennon.
Make the most of every day while it is today.

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