It’s very easy to be a visitor in this amazing city … London!

I feel as if I am in a life size Monopoly Game with all the names of streets and stations here in London Town.

St Paul's Cathedral on the horizon
St Paul’s Cathedral on the horizon

Yesterday morning we walked from the B&B  where we stayed near London Bridge past other Monopoly destinations to Waterloo Station. Here we bought our tickets for the rest of our UK adventure and walked down to the South Bank of the Thames along to the Tate Gallery.

Tate Gallery
Tate Gallery

What an amazing building this is! It is a huge building that has been converted from a power station. The galleries are large and light and the open space in the middle is open and immense. I absolutely love some modern art and but the rest must be just too intelligent for me because I just don’t get it. Still it’s interesting to see what’s out there.

Fleet St
Fleet St

The walk to the British Museum was exciting as we walked down Fleet Street, saw Australia House and checked out what was playing in Drury Lane.
If we lived in London I would be a regular visito to this place. We saw more Roman and Greek artefacts in amazing condition here than we did in Rome, Pompeii or Sicily!
We decided to concentrate on one particular area so we went to the Ancient Egypt and Assyria area. It’s a strange feeling to see carvings and artefacts that I have only seen as photographs in history texts in real life. They are so intricate and beautifully made and large! I envied the school children who were sitting in groups sketching these amazing relics.

Children sketching Egyptian history in British Museum
Children sketching Egyptian history in British Museum

Last night we had dinner at the Skylon Restaurant overlooking the Thames and the Spanish Markets. It’s at the Royal Festival Hall – another place that was just a name to me until yesterday.
We felt very special. Our chairs were pulled out for us, our napkins refolded if we left the table, the table was swept for crumbs between courses and the food, as well as being wonderful to taste was served and presented with style. We felt very special. The best part of all this was catching up with my husband’s sister who teaches here in London and just being family together.
Even though we have been in London before we definitely need to revisit and spend more time exploring. It is very easy to get around and there is so much more to see and do.

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament at night
Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament at night

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