Anticipation …


Okay … to say that I am excited is a huge understatement! I feel like I did when I was little, on the eve of my birthday or Christmas. Tomorrow my husband and I are taking off on our long awaited trip around the world for five weeks. (Happy dance!)

I am writing this post to warn you that over the next five weeks these posts may be numerous or over the top so please don’t feel obliged to read them out of the kindness of your hearts. They will serve to let family and friends know that we are alive and safe, and though I don’t foresee any great dramas, our travels are often full of misadventures due to getting lost, catching the wrong trains or missing flight connections.

We are literally flying around the world, spending a few days in Hong Kong, Easter in Switzerland, ten days in South Italy, ten days in England walking around the place, five days in New York and three days in Hawaii before returning to ‘normality’ in sunny Sydney. If you would like to follow you are welcome – if not this post may or may not reflect trends and attitudes in the NSW education system after the middle of May. x 



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